Creating a New Category in a Crowded Market


A company was preparing to launch a significant new product that appeared to most analysts as a slight change in current technology. The company believed the new technology was unique and justified new category. The current playing field was getting crowded fast, especially if the company was pegged as “current, yet new market.” In addition, the company’s target market was large enterprises, dominated by the top players in the market.


The principals’ strategy was to formulate positioning and messaging around this new category and the business problem it was addressing. Avoiding the usual product launch, we launched a pre-product campaign to the Press and Analysts focused on business and technical issues facing the market. We adopted a category name developed by an known by the scientific community to establish this new category. We also leveraged the talents and presence of the company executives to address business issues and how this new category would meet these needs.


We created an early buzz around the business problem and the scientific information. This created a pent up demand to learn more about the product and two waves of early coverage for the company. Within two months of the product launch, this company was named as one of the “Top Ten New Exciting Products to Watch” by industry analysts. One of the leading companies in the industry cited the company as a key competitor, further creating attention. It achieved a 50% of sales pipeline as a result of its marketing launch activities.